BSM Not Available Car Won’t Start:  Unavailable Safety Feature

Lexus has established a reputation in luxury cars for its innovative features, fascinating craftsmanship, and commitment to driver safety. One essential standout safety technology is the Blind Spot Monitor(BSM), designed to provide drivers with extra awareness and protection on the road. 

However, what happens when the Blind spot monitor becomes unavailable, and the car refuses to start? This problem presents Lexus owners with a unique challenge, leaving them wondering about the interplay between their vehicle’s safety systems and its starting mechanism. 

In this article, we’ll explore the puzzling scenario of a Lexus car that won’t start due to the unavailability of its blind spot monitor, uncovering potential causes and potential solutions for this unexpected issue.

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Potential Causes of What Could Lead to the Blind Spot Monitor Not Being Available

Sensor Malfunction

  • The blind spot monitor system relies on sensors on the vehicle’s exterior, typically integrated into the side mirrors or rear bumper. 
  • If any of these sensors encounter a technical issue or failure, it may result in the system being unavailable.

Electrical System Failure

  • The blind spot monitor connects to the car’s electrical system, which supplies power to various components. 
  • Suppose there is a disruption or failure in the electrical system. In that case, it can impact the functioning of the blind spot monitor, rendering it unavailable.

Software Glitch

  • Like any complex technology, the blind spot monitor system in Lexus cars relies on software algorithms to process sensor data and provide accurate alerts to the driver. 
  • A software glitch or bug within the system could lead to the unavailability of the blind spot monitor. 
  • It can occur due to software updates, conflicts, coding errors, or compatibility issues.

Wiring Issues

  • The blind spot monitor system requires a wiring network to transmit signals between the sensors, control unit, and display in the vehicle. 
  • Suppose there are wiring faults, such as damaged or disconnected wires. In that case, it can disrupt the communication between these components, resulting in the blind spot monitor not being available.

Faulty Control Unit

  • The control unit acts as the brain of the blind spot monitor system, receiving input from the sensors and processing the information to provide alerts to the driver. 
  • A malfunctioning or faulty control unit can occur due to component failure, circuitry issues, or internal malfunctions.

Safety System Integration

  • In some cases, the unavailability of the blind spot monitor may link to the vehicle’s overall safety system. 
  • Automakers often integrate various safety features and technologies, including the blind spot monitor, into a centralized control module. 
  • Issues or errors within this module can affect the functioning of multiple safety features, including the blind spot monitor.

Manufacturer Recall or Update

  • Automakers may discover specific vulnerabilities, performance issues, or bugs in the blind spot monitor system and release updates or recall notifications to address them. 
  • In such cases, the unavailability could be intentional as a safety precaution until the necessary fixes are applied.

Troubleshooting Strategies for the Issue

  • The first step is to check for error messages or warnings displayed on the instrument cluster or infotainment system. 
  • These messages can provide valuable information about the nature of the issue and help narrow down potential causes.
  • A simple restart may sometimes resolve temporary glitches or communication errors between the blind spot monitor system and other vehicle components. 
  • Verify if other safety systems in your Lexus vehicle, such as the lane departure warning or collision avoidance system, are functioning correctly.
  • Ensure the sensors are clean and debris-free, as obstructions can hinder their operation.
  • If a faulty fuse is on notice, replace it with a new one of the same rating and test if the blind spot monitor becomes available.

FAQs of BSM Not Available Car Won’t Start

Can disconnecting and reconnecting the battery fix the problem?

Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery can sometimes reset various systems in the car. Still, it may not directly resolve the issue of the blind spot monitor being unavailable.

Can I temporarily disable the blind spot monitor to start the car?

Short answer is yes, but turning off the blind spot monitor system to start the car is not recommended. The blind spot monitor is an essential safety feature to enhance driver awareness and prevent accidents.

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