Car Won’t Start Unless I Disconnect the Battery

Even after disconnecting the battery, the car does not start using for various reasons like fuel pump relay issues, a blown fuse, a weekend fuel pump motor, and several other reasons. In some situations, there can be other issues, concerned as a car’s fuel injector.

The batteries of the car might have blown due to the corrosion. It might be because there was only sitting in the car for a short time without being used. After this, it’s high time to go through the connection between the battery terminal and the starter motor.

If the battery is not working correctly, the best option is to consult a professional who will diagnose the issue and find the required solutions. Based on the situation, batteries can be either repaired or replaced.

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How Do I Know if It’s My Battery Starter or Alternator?

If people hear a whine or sound goes fizzy, then there are chances that the alternator is facing a failure issue. Are you facing a problem starting the car? There is a high chance that it is due to the dead or dying battery or loose or corroded connection of cables. 

Even sometimes, the lousy alternator or the issue with the starter is the primary root cause that leads to such problems. If in any situation when you start a car, and it stalls when you are underway, then there is a high chance of less battery charging due to the faulty alternator.

If there is a problem with the battery indicator light, there is a problem with the automobile charging system. You can plan to hire a professional who will make the proper diagnosis and find solutions.

What Can Cause a Car Not to Start if Battery Alternators Are Good?

In some situations, the car does not start even if the battery is in good condition. It might occur when there is a problem with the electrical system. Mainly the problem is there with the starter, wiring, or alternator. 

What Can Cause a Car Not to Start if Battery Alternators Are Good

These are problems that will prevent the battery from supplying the power needed to start the engine. Driving a car is easier if the battery’s condition is strong or good. The battery provides a starter so the vehicle can start quickly and efficiently. Various reasons lead to starting problems in the car.

Loose Connection of Battery

If the connection of the battery is improper, then there is a high chance that a proper amount of power is not getting into it. In such a situation, even after turning on the ignition switch, there is not an adequate flow of electricity. 

Such a problem commonly lead to a situation in which the vehicle does not get in working condition. Having a loose connection is one of the main reasons for not correctly working the car.

No Charging of Alternator

To charge the battery, one must have a connection with the alternator. In any situation, if the working of the alternator is not proper, then there is a high chance that the working of the battery is not proper. Without recharging the battery, there will be a failure in the motor’s power.

When you turn on the ignition key, the vehicle will not stay on. If the car is facing such a problem, then the lights on the dashboards will be blinking.

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Electrical Issue in Car

Even the electrical issue of the car will surely affect its working in future time. The main electrical issues include:

  • The defective fuse and relays.
  • A badly grounded electrical system.
  • Some issues with the computer.

Various professionals have a proper idea of the problem that your car is facing. They will find a solution to get the car out of the electrical issue and work in good condition.

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What Does It Mean When Your Car Won’t Start, but the Battery is Good?

If the headlights are turned on, but there is no car crank, then there is a full charge of the battery. The problem is either with the ignition or the starter. In such a situation, the working of a car gets affected even after the good condition of the battery. 

Ignition Switch is Faul

If a fault is in the ignition switch, the car will face problems in the startup. A person will get to know that there is an ignition problem with the car when he notices any of the accessory issues with the vehicle.

The issues are the power window of a car not working, or even the working of the headlights not there.

Normally corrosion in the switch is the main reason for such issues. Here if you hire a professional, then he will make the diagnosis of the problem and find the solution that will help you to get out of the problem.

Damaged Starter

 Starter is mainly a small electric motor generator inside a vehicle’s engine. Starters are responsible for running over the engine and for its rotation; they will help in help in moving up and down the pistons in cylinders.

If the starter is not working in good condition, it prevents the vehicle from turning on. In such a case, you can replace the starter by working the vehicle properly.

Will Disconnecting the Car Battery Reset Everything?

The answer to this question is based on the model of the car. In the case of old cars, if there is a disconnection in the battery, it will reset the system, but on the other hand, new cars might not work in the same manner. They just resent potentially the clock and radio system.

People have the option to either disconnect the battery at their level or just hire a professional who will complete the task.

In case if you choose to disconnect the battery based on the situation, then it will surely increase the life of the car. It will remain in good working condition for an extended period.

A battery-fill reset will revert the ECU to the factory setting and likely change the air-fuel ratio. If you drive after the rest, you might face some issues, but they will deteriorate with time.

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