How to Release Electronic Parking Brake Without Key?

Due to the AUTO switch OFF option, one can apply the electronic parking brake by pushing and giving a hold on the parking brake switch. The working option will be with the ignition ON and OFF in both situations where the vehicle is moving or stationary.

If you wish to release the brake, pull and hold the switch and press the brake pedal simultaneously. When the electronic parking brake system enters the service mode, it switches off. In some situations, it can be said that the actuator will in no way apply pressure to the caliper pistons. 

As such, no specific things will turn on the brake service mode. A particular procedure will vary to some extent based on the model you choose for the car.

Based on the model of the vehicle, the variation will be there on requirements:

  • Push a specific series of buttons
  • Use a particular screen of the infotainment

If you wish to gather complete details on activating the parking brake, you can go through the available manual. Here the thing that matters is to reactivate the electronic parking brake system based on the requirement.

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How Do You Manually Release an Electronic Parking Brake?

For releasing the electronic parking brake, there is a requirement of several things required. One can pull the cables manually by having good results. One can even try setting and releasing the brake several times to knock the brakes completely free.

All vehicles have their specific electronic components based on models. To manually release the electronic parking brake, there is a requirement to follow a particular procedure. The procedure will help in achieving the desired goals on time and in an effective manner.

  • Raise Vehicle: To access the rear brake caliper, it is a must option to go under the back of a vehicle. It can be sued by just raising the car at a lift using a jack and jack stands. Here the stability of the surface matters for proper working.
  • Locate Rear Brake Caliper: After you jack up the vehicle, it’s time to get under the car and locate the caliper. Go through the mounting of the brake to get actual results. Some options are serviceable, while other is not. 
  • Remove Bolts: After locating the bolts, you can remove them all. Avoid unplugging the electro-mechanical parking brake motor, as it might affect the overalls getting off the system. You must also be in a situation that requires the replacement of the caliper for better results.
  • Remove Parking Brake Motor: You can remove even the electro-mechanical parking brake motor after removing the bolts. You need to do it carefully without affecting any of the components near the system. Ensure to take off the parts safely.
  • Release Brake Caliper: Choose the right size of the socket that fits in the caliper piston, and turn on the piston adjustment bolt ½ one complete turn to release the caliper. It would help if you did this on both sides.
  • Lower Vehicle: You can remove the vehicle from the stand. Lowering the car must be done correctly to avoid any issues in the future time.
  • Reverse Procedure: With the completion of the repair, it’s high time for you to reverse the process on the electro-mechanical parking brakes. In some cases, there is a need to make changes to the fault that might be there.

How Do You Release an Electric Parking Brake With a Dead Battery?

With the dead battery in general, there is no working of the parking brake system. In such a situation, if you wish to release the electric parking brake, then you can use special tools that are included with the jack tools.

Here the thing that matters the most is to do the installation f the tool properly. Also, the removal of the plus from the spare tire is a genuine option. Now it’s time to insert the device and move it clockwise to release the parking brake.

If the loss of power is complete or there is the replacement of the motor, then there needs to be a re-initialization of the electronic power braking system. Even here, a requirement for the scanning tool is there.

Can You Disable an Electronic Parking Brake?

Yes, you can easily disable the electronic parking brake. The requirement exists only when the person is planning for the change of the rear brake pads. After this step, the actuators’ will switch off. One can just activate the parking brake service mode to disable the brake.

Before the replacement of the rear brake pads, users need to disable the electronic parking brake. Mainly in the complete braking system, there is the use of brake pads and electronic parking brakes. There is total control of the caliper pistons.

For the removal of pads, the first thing that you can try is to compress the caliper piston for the first instance.

There is proper working of the actuators is required for an adequate caliper piston mechanism. If you plan to disable the parking brakes, it will completely switch off the actuators.

Can You Disable an Electronic Parking Brake

How Do You Release a Locked Emergency Brake?

You can opt for various techniques to release the locked emergency brake. The first thing that you can opt for is to warm up a car in the cold weather. Even removing the melting ice also proves to be a good option if you wish to release a locked emergency brake.

The method of releasing will be based on the option that a person thinks to be the most reliable one. Under the guidance of a professional, you can make a good decision on the method that will be a suitable option. In the long run, an option is a favorable option.

Some people even plan to make the do adjustment to the dust to reach the desired goal of increasing the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Even preventing the various parking brake problem turns out to be a favorable option for car working.

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