Traction Battery Needs To Be Protected

Electric cars and other vehicles run on a traction battery. Remember not to use the traction battery in the N position. 

Instead, shift it to the P or D position when the warning sign is “low traction battery/shift to P.” This is because it can lose its charge if used in the N position, and your battery will start losing efficiency. 

Undoubtedly introduction of an electric vehicle is an excellent innovation of technology. Driving an electronic car makes you feel like you are in the future. The day will surely come when all hybrid vehicles become obsolete, and we will use only electric cars. 

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What Does It Mean Traction Battery Needs To Be Protected?

To charge the traction battery, a vehicle must be in Drive or Park mode. To protect the traction battery, charge it even when the tiny amount gets drained. Also, do not leave your vehicle on neutral. 

What Does It Mean Traction Battery Needs To Be Protected

How to know that your car battery needs to be protected? The main warning indicates through dashboard signs that the traction battery is burning its charge.

However, this sign doesn’t mean that you have to protect the battery from water overheating or collision; instead, it simply tells a car owner that your vehicle has been on N for too long and the traction battery is burning charge without getting recharged. 

What Is Meant By Traction Battery?

A traction battery is also known as an electric vehicle battery. The main motive of this battery is to provide power to the engine and other electric components

Although these are specially designed for electric vehicles, one can find them in hybrid electric vehicles. 

However, you might wonder why electric vehicles use traction batteries over regular ones. 

This is because these batteries are more powerful; therefore, they are better able to provide steady electric power over a long time. Additionally, traction batteries are specially designed for high kilowatt-hour capacity. 

How Do You Charge A Prius Traction Battery?

The charging process is similar to standard batteries; it must be on D or P while charging. If you want a long life from your traction battery, it is essential to ensure that you constantly charge it to complete it. 

It seems challenging to charge the battery regularly, but it becomes straightforward if you use the following steps and form good habits. 

  • Never leave a traction battery discharged; you must develop a habit of changing it immediately as soon as it gets discharged. 
  • Please charge the battery until it gets fully charged.
  • Make sure you are charging it in a cool environment. 

Traction Control Button Not Working –

You need to charge the battery even if only 10% of the charge is lost. Studies show that a battery percentage should never go below 80%. 

This is because if it does, your traction battery will not be able to power your vehicle as efficiently as it is at 100%.

How to Maintain the Traction Battery?

To make your traction battery long and lasting, only fill the water you are charging. 

Never top it up before charging. After every five, checking two or three pilot cells is essential to check whether the fluid level is above the perforated plastic. 

Charge the battery once to ensure maximum output from the battery. If you do not maintain it properly, it may consume more electricity and not provide enough power to your car. Even in some cases, there can be a need to change the battery.

What Is the Difference Between Traction Battery And a Normal Battery?

Everyone knows that traction batteries are designed to give power to electric vehicles for a longer time. Therefore these batteries differ from SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition). Instead of SLI batteries, traction batteries use deep-cycle batteries to power such applications. 

Every good quality traction battery must have a high ampere-hour capacity. 

In constructing 2-volt and monobloc batteries, traction batteries are compressed of flooded and VRLA designs

In such cases, the positive plate’s design can be flat and tubular. Due to the requirement of maintaining equal compression glass fiber man, only flat plates are used to construct the AMG variant of VRLA. 

However, people use tubular traction batteries with tubular plates because they usually give higher cycle life than flat plates. 

There is a massive difference between the traction and a standard battery. Usually, you will find all the electric vehicles with traction batteries due to their powerful performance. 

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Traction Batteries?

The manufacturing process of a traction battery is much similar to a standard battery. The method includes mixing, coating, slitting, calendaring, and electrode making

Similar factors, such as negative and positive active materials, structures, and densities, are used.  

Lead-oxide powder (developed by Microtex after years of experience) is used to dry-fill the tubular-positive plates. This process is done carefully, ensuring the Lead-oxide is used in a correct and deep-cycle form in the positive tubes. 

The equipment used in making traction batteries are:

  • Mixer
  • Coating machine
  • Roller press
  • Slitting machine 


What Is The Use Of Traction Battery?

Traction batteries are powerful in heavy industrial electrical applications such as electric tractors, trucks, or large industrial cleaning machines. One can also find them in daily use electric vehicles like cars.

How to Control Traction Control Warning?

To fix the traction control warning, press the gas pedal three times, turn the engine on, and keep accelerating for 1 minute. If your traction control system has no underlying problem, ABS lights will reset and go away.

Does Traction Control Reduce The Power Of Vehicle?

Yes, when the computer detects any issue with the system, it reduces the power of an electric vehicle. It does this to prevent further damage and keep the passengers safe. There is a direct link between vehicles and stability track lights.

What Is The Cost To Fix Traction?

Usually, replacing the traction control system costs around $110 to $125, including labor charges and spare parts. However, if you want to replace the wheel speed sensor, you must spend around $250. 

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