What Causes a Push Rod to Bend?

The main reason for a bent push rod is that the valve guide thimble is only press fitted. It means that if the engine of the car reaches a specific temperature, its thimble rod will easily be loose. It will then push outward; as a result, a restriction will be there in the movement of the valve spring.

As bent is, there is a pushrod; there might be a delay in opening and closing the valve in an engine. The main reason responsible for the entire act is that due to the wearing out of the rod, there will be no free movement of the push rod; as a result, the effect will be on a valve. Bent in pushrod is mainly due to various reasons.

  • Wearing Out Over Time: Pushrods are metal tubes that are in an attachment to other components of engines. With time as metal parts rub each, they might wear out, leading to a generation of friction that causes the damaged rods. If repair is not done on time, the damage might become severe in the future.
  • Loosening of Rocker Arm: In an engine, motion transfers from camshafts to valves. The Ricker’s arm is the main component for the working of valves. It is like a lever that will open and close the valve of the engine properly. If the rocker’s arm loses them, bouncing will be there from the main path.

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What Would Bend a Push Rod?

Mostly bent in pushrods is due to over revel of the engine and hitting of a piston to the valve. Mainly such a situation occurs in a car; if there is a misadjusted rocker in another situation, there will be a bent of rods in different situations.

  • Stick Hydraulic Filters: Another main reason that leads to bent pushrods is the sticking of hydraulic lifters. These lifters are mainly used to improve the overall efficiencies of valves used in an engine of a car. It might lead to engine misfire and damage of valves.
  • Excessive Heating in Engine: With overheating in pushrods, there might be a situation of expansion. Due to this, alignment will be changed with time, and the complete structure of the engine will be affected. A person can understand this situation as and when misfiring starts from the engine.
  • Loose Valve Guides: Due to a broken or loose valve, there might be a bent pushrod. Suppose the valve guide will be loose as it might open and close at any time. Due to a disturbance in a valve, high pressure will be in pushrods that will complicate the efficiency of a car.

How Do You Know if Your Pushrod is Bent?

If you pay full attention to the working of a car, then only an idea can be formed that bent is there in pushrod. One of the best things that act as an indication of a bent is fire from the engine. Try to consult a professional when you face a problem, as in the future, and it might turn out to be severe.

How Do You Know if Your Pushrod is Bent

As and when a person keeps on driving for an extended period, they will get an idea as to what the situation is. But still, for beginners, there are some symptoms that will help them in knowing if the pushrod is in a bent position or not.

  • With a bent pushrod working of cylinders in the car will be affected. In the form of engine firing, you will get a signal of improper working of a cylinder in the vehicle.
  • Hearing a different sound from the car will also work as a point that will depict that the working of parts in a vehicle is improper.
  • Compression is mainly the meeting of air and fuel in the cylinder of a car. It is a must option for working the vehicle effectively and efficiently. If compression is low, then also bent rod might be there.

Do Push Rods Wear Out?

Yes, there are high chances of wearing out of push rods. If there is a loosening of rods due to excessive use, then there might be other components that are responsible for inefficiency in working the car. The steering linkage is the main component that affects the working of vehicles.

If there is wear out in pushrods, you can either call a professional and get it repaired or, if the situation is worse, opt for their replacement.

Sometimes there is a huge amount of debris in rods that will affect the working of a car; in such cases, new filters will be a great choice. Cleaning them is also an option, but it will be time-consuming.

Push rods are components of the engine that are quite simple but are a must for the working of the car. They are available in various qualities. You can dedicate a good time and choose an option that will be of high quality and reasonable in rate.

How Do You Check Pushrods for Straightness?

One can check the straightness of the pushrod by slowly rolling the pushrod on a plate of clean glass. Even a high-quality pushrod concentricity checker is available in the market that helps to check their straightness quickly and with complete accuracy. Its position is mainly on the cradle stand.

Slowly rolling the pushrod on a plate is an excellent method to offer genuine results. A person can easily perform it without even making a considerable investment.

An idea can be formed by using this method. If runout is excessive in this method, then the advisable option will be to replace one. Try not to straighten it once they are bent.

Some people even wish to have detail about pushrod as it will help in replacement. With a simple method, you can get an idea of its length, which is generally known to be adjustable.

Based on the model of the car, a person can choose the most accurate pushrod length. Measurement needs to be appropriately taken to avoid any issues in the future.

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