About Us

Hi, I’m Michael Wiggins, the owner of this website. I always like to learn something new; therefore, I went to my father’s garage when I was 14.

It was a lovely time and entirely changed my whole life. I got lucky to learn a lot of new things regarding engines, especially racing car tune-ups.

After the end of college time, I went to the garage as a full-time worker with my father. Slowly I learned many things about vehicle modification and engine modification.

At the same time, I joined the racing car team and learned a lot of new things regarding engine tune-ups.

So I have a lot of new things to share with you about racing car modifications and engine tune-ups. If you are a fan of racing car modification, then you are at the right place.

As a racing motor car engine mechanic and tune-up technician, I have many experiences to share. I will publish all those things through my website.

If you want to know anything about engine tune-ups, then you can use the website contact page. You can write to me there, and I will reply to all your messages within two days.

Keep reading my website and share your experience with me. I will keep publishing my tips and top secrets about motor car engine modifications.